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In 1938 a student at Piedmont High School sketched a Scottish Lion for the Clan-o-Log yearbook and little did that student know, 75 years later the drawing would be the inspiration for the football team’s new branding in 2013.

The Scottish heraldry piece was scanned as part of the Piedmont Football Archive project because it looked like interesting artwork, but upon closer inspection it was a brilliant mark that could serve as a future logo for a football helmet.

The Scottish Lion fits in perfectly with Piedmont’s Highlander mascot theme and could be envisioned on a medieval shield or family crest in the Scottish highlands. The lion features a “thistle” shaped tail, which ties into Piedmont’s fight song and it represents the fighting spirit of Piedmont’s athletes who compete with hearts of lions.

The Piedmont Football program has a rich tradition dating back to 1921 and the Scottish Lion is unique to our heritage and represents a great future ahead.

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